Monday, 12 March 2012

Procrastination is a b*t*h

I’ve been sitting here for a while now thinking what to write about for my third blog entry, sat on the top floor of the library to be exact - the ‘quiet floor’.

I find myself somewhat distracted at the moment by the noise of a hoover which can be heard every time someone opens the door to leave. Not very quiet I’m thinking, so I shuffle down a few seats to where there are a lot less people. I get the glare for being inconsiderately noisy as I scoop up all my belongings and ‘plonk’ them down on the next table, who cares - nobody knows me here (I hope).

I cheekily answer a phone call from a flat mate and whisper about four words: “in library can’t talk” before being tragically ‘shushed’ by the three much older looking students closest to me. 

Feeling somewhat uninspired I, almost subconsciously, find myself on the Daily Mail website, scrolling through a load of insufficient celebrity gossip scandals that involve someone from ‘Glee’ having naked photos of them leaked on to the internet. Oh how their life is over!

Why do I feel so annoyingly uninspired today? I think it’s because I’ve let this slip over the past week or so and every time I find something appealing that I fancy a quick blog about, my boyfriend logs the idea and ends up doing it before me. Fair play to him though, at least he’s getting it done, and he’s a lovely little writer. 

So I would chat about Skegness, which was actually a lovely sunny day out, despite my doubts it would be absolute rubbish. Guilty of listening to other people giving me their mostly negative opinions on it, but all in all, fantastic fish and chips, resulting in an extremely full belly. 
I won’t go into much detail though as Joe’s already blogged all about the trip (as always), and he sums up everything I would have said, just in a much more detailed and entertaining manner than I would have managed.

I then had the idea to just make this a blog on new film releases, I’m a massive fan of cinema, new and old, therefore this idea seemed fairly easy to me, but in reality that would just be boring and I’m fairly sure theres not much you could refer to from ‘Project X’ that would be suitable to the eyes of a level one journalism tutor, who inevitably decides if you pass or fail this module. So let’s not offend. 

I’m now scrolling through old Facebook photos which I’ve just been tagged in. From the summer of 2011 to be exact. These are amusing me a lot more than they should be doing, definitely not suitable for fits of giggles on the ‘quiet floor’ of the library. Oh well, I’m going to keep going through them. It’s something to do and I’m really not in any state of mind to work or blog about something of any importance for that matter.....

I’ve found my photos from Kenya! 
I’ll blog about the trip. Just not in this post, it’ll go on forever.
Hakuna Matata I can do this.

Who says procrastination’s the thief of time...? Hmph.

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