Thursday, 15 March 2012

Continuation 3 - rant over!

A little off topic here but writing this blog reminds me how badly treated we were during that little incident too. Okay so it was a Friday night, It was around 1 in the morning and they were full to the brim, but still, once the doctor did get over to see Joe, he didn’t even bother to check if he was concussed or even wipe up the open wound on his head. I just got told to give him some head ache tablets and advise him to sleep it off tomorrow. 
So I, being the good girlfriend I am, cleaned him up and put him to bed, awaiting the splitting headache he was about to wake up with in the morning.
Irony, he still has a scar on his head, and he still gets massive headaches (he doesn’t believe in migraines) “migraines are for people who can’t handle headaches”, where the scar is. 

Getting back on track now. Due to the ridiculous size of the Lincoln NHS hospital, we couldn’t even find the ward, despite us both being there before (Joe has zero memories of being at A&E for three hours that night) so we ended up going home.

I still feel pretty rough, i can’t get antibiotics and I’m booked in with the uni doctors, for the same illness, with an appointment for next tuesday....NEXT TUESDAY.

I think the reason that the crap medical care really does get to me here is because of living in Malaysia. It fascinates me that an uneconomically developed nation where almost half the population are living below the poverty line can provide medical care that tops the UK by miles. If you’re ill, you see a doctor within the next few hours, If you have a blood test, you get the results within the next two days, If you have an enquiry, phone lines are all ears to help. 
Although you can get antibiotics over the counter (without subscription), slightly worrying. 

So when I go back for Easter in a couple of weeks I plan on stocking up with every type of medicine you can ever think of, getting myself some antib’s for every type of illness known to man and relying on one nurse and one nurse only, the best of the best - my mummy! 

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