Friday, 16 March 2012


Yet after weeks of consideration into the trip I began to warm to the idea again, with the idea in mind that Kenya thrives on it’s tourist industry, it’s main economical factor, as well as being promised that we’d go to some form of community to work and chat with the children. I was therefore very up for the idea of two weeks in Kenya! Along with Paul, who holds a special place in his heart for the spellbinding country after living there in his early twenties.  All were excited for the trip, counting down the months until we set off. Well apart from Remi that is, who was adamant (and I think still is) that she will not enjoy any summer holiday except those that involve theme parks and huge roller coasters. In other words, Disney world.

Upon reaching Kenya, after a mucky flight disaster that left us stranded in Mumbai airport for a good few hours, we were wisped off on a tiny plane to the centre of the Masai Mara. Landing in the bush land, surrounded by zebras and wilder beast that migrate through Tanzania and Kenya during the months of June and July.

After being in the resort for a matter of hours we were promptly handed over to a driver and usured to the safari van that would be just ours for the next seven days. Safaris commenced three times daily, six am, 2pm and 6 pm for the night expedition. I was adamant that we’d be on all three.

It is simply difficult to put words to paper when it comes to describing the safari scene in the illustrious Masai Mara, yet we managed to see the big five during our first ever morning safari. Africa’s big five include the elephant, the buffalo, the lion, the leopard and my personal favourite – the rhino.  

i said this wouldn’t be a blog primarily about photos and holiday pictures but I feel like these are worth showing, and they are my own. 

‘the dumbo due'
A resting female lion, woken up by our safari jeep.

The dominant lion of the pack, with his two 4 month old cubs

Paul, Remi and me in the hot air balloon safari, breathtaking 

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