Sunday, 11 November 2012

Re-ignition of the blog

After a whirl wind summer, lots of plane journeys, the drastic, yet overdue, realisation that I’m pursuing the wrong degree, then a sudden change of course, this blog is due an update. A big one.

Ironically this blog was created, under mandatory reasons, for my journalism first year degree that I was doing last year. Well I’m no longer doing Journalism, but I am however, going to carry this on.

This summer holiday took me home to Malaysia truly Asia and then off to France, via a pit stop in England for a posh wedding and a boyfriend catchup.

France was absolutely extraordinary and after not being all that excited about it before hand, mostly due to the fact is was booked without me knowing when I had planned to spend the summer festival - ing all over with friends, I would go back in an instant.

France took me and the family to Nice, Paris, Antibes, Cannes and Monaco. All in under two weeks.
It was somewhere I’d never been enthused about visiting before but upon arrival, the locals were nothing but lovely and welcoming and the weather put its neighboring England’s summer to shame.

Nice, although we were only there for a night and a day, left me with the fullest belly I had every had, and a taste for the Olympics in French.

Antibes was spent in a family’s villa that they rent out to tourists during the summer, it was perfect for the four of us and I spent more time round a pool than I have done on any holiday combined before hand. This might also be to do with me having the Fifty Shades trilogy on hand to keep me at bay. All three books in under five days.... just sayin’!

From Antibes we took day trips out to both Cannes and Monaco, both equally amazing but equally fabricated. Being on a bus, having a Bentley Continental pull up next to you with both driver and passenger at least two years younger that you can be slightly disheartening. Absolutely full of the rich and beautiful. Whereas Cannes just had me celeb spotting. we also had the opportunity, on a night in Cannes, to visit a Michelin star restaurant  where they served my sister and I two equally sized portions of steak. TWO EACH. They also gave us sweets that revolved on a Crystal carousel. Mind boggling. Not as mind boggling as the bill however, never before have I seen my dad so pale and speechless. Haha. In my opinion, no food is worth that much money. we’re talking an arm and a leg money...

Anyway, Paris next and that’s where it hit me that Paris is where I want to spend my early twenties, the start of my career. We stayed just off the Champs-Élysées so we caught the open top bus to all the ‘must see’ monuments and queued at 8am to be up the Eiffel Tower before it got busy. Although the most obvious and somewhat cliche thing do to on a trip to France, I did enjoy it the most, the view is etched in my mind and I would have stayed up there for hours if we had the time. 
Abercrombie and Fitch involved a creation I would describe only slightly less beautiful than the Eiffel tower itself. See below:

France is the most magnificent country I have ever been to in Europe and the only experience I could rival it with is my trip to Kenya. Of course, completely different and incomparable.

I’ll end this with saying, the misconception that all the french eat is escargot and frogs less is untrue (never found frogs legs and only one restaurant served snails)  and the Mona Lisa is a load of shit (too many tourists, too few manners).