Thursday, 15 March 2012

Continuation from previous ramble...

Let me just tell you this, the walk from town up to the hospital is an absolute trek!
The not so kind lady at the ‘Walk in clinic’ had suggested cutting through the arbatorim (or something like that)  so I did, Joe was being dragged along with me this entire time just letting you know.

I legitimately needed three rests up the hill to the hospital and when we got up there we still had no idea where to go, so we proceeded to ask two rambling drunks who were picking up speed behind us. They politely told us to just keep walking up, so it was quite a good move thinking back at it.

I have previously been to Accident and Emergency three times during the short period I’ve been at the uni.
-  Once during freshers with a drunken house mate who had been accidentally elbowed in the nose just after having surgery.
- The second time was to pick him up from having day surgery.
- Thirdly and probably most memorable was in an ambulance with Joe after he stumbled head first into a brick wall on the way to a night out. (haha) head gushing with blood we still waited there for three hours. He was asleep, only waking up to demand the sick bucket, while I just sat on a chair next to his bed (feeling a little like florence nightingale) watching the drunk and disorderly pile in, in huge numbers.

(To be continued in the next entry once again, SORRY SUE)

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