Wednesday, 29 February 2012


After rushing off quickly on the previous post, (due to being extremely late for the late night showing of ‘Woman In Black’) I had to end it on a rather swift note...but I’ve acquired quite a taste for this so I’m back for a few paragraphs before I hit the hay.
So we didn’t actually end up watching the movie as it is Orange Wednesdays, therefore every student within the whole of  Lincoln flocks to the Odeon to get a two for one offer, it was sold out. Although we did end up watching ‘Safe House’ which brings me to the main subject of this entry...

How on earth do you get drafted into these enigmatic agencies?! And why haven’t I? 
Yes, I’m not in Cambridge, Oxford or any Ivy league uni as such but Lincoln’s got a bit of ‘zing’ to it doesn’t it? They could do with a few of us, we know how to throw a ruckus!
Anyway, how is it that in a movie as of such, someone can go to an Ivy league uni, graduate in law and then suddenly be drafted into the CIA? Who’s watching them to do this? God, it’s bewildering and, lets face it, totally unfair. We’re all jealous. It’s strange to think that someone who’s my age (nineteen as of a week ago today) will be chilling out in the MI6’s head office in twenty five years, probably looking down at me from a tiny little camera that’s been inserted into their eye socket?! 
The world freaks me out sometimes.... anyway, it was a quality film and Denzel Washington does himself proud in it. It’s nice to see him playing a baddy for once, even though he’s inevitably the good guy at the end! 
Anyway, off on a tangent but you were pre-warned. 


(Sorry to those intending to see this film, hate to say I may have ruined the ending.)

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