Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Follow the yellow brick road...the blogging begins, who we gonna’ find?

After being instructed to delve into the world of a frequent blogger under my journalism degree - that’s exactly what I’m doing here, although I’ve already committed the unruly crime of ‘ditching’ tumblr - to try out ‘blogspot’. As I’m writing this I see myself getting quite off topic as all I can think about in my head is how stupidly easy this is compared to tumblr! All I have to do is click, write and submit. Where are the 1000 plus encrypted layouts and the pages and pages of instructions on how to begin?
So I will put it out there now, this isn’t going to be a picture blog full of my Holliday images and photos I’ve undoubtedly just nicked from flickr to make me seem ‘artistic’ and ‘individual'. I’m just going to enjoy a frequent rant, complaint and possibly a rather opinionated entry. In the mean time, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.
Enjoy my ramblings, this should be fun... 

Here’s a face to the blog.

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